Writing Tips

Time Management Tips for Authors

Time Management has long been a problem for anyone who works at home and writers struggle as much as anyone with this problem. The juggling act of finding time for a personal life, deadlines, writers block, just plain procrastination, social media and blogs is a difficult task. The truth is time-management is a myth. There are only 24 hours in a day and that will never change.

Writing Mistakes To Avoid

1. Don't get caught starting your story before the interesting part. In the beginning start with something intriguing or exciting. You want your readers want to be engaged right at the beginning. Stories about happy people in happy land don't engage your readers. Most readers do not want to be told about attractive people doing nice, fun things, hoping that you will care about them when they finally run up against some problems.

Ways to Become a Better Writer.

There are plenty of articles on the internet and books out there to help you become a better writer. I have taken a number of them and pieced together what seems to be the best of these ideas and tips.

Revising Your Work

Writing your book is never done. It is only finished when you finally decide to quit working on it. You could actually revise it for years and still find ways that you think would improve it because every time you look your writing you see it differently. As a writer you are very attached to your words and since you are the one who put them down on paper you are reluctant to change them. Revision takes a certain mindset.

Dealing With Negative Blog Comments

If your blog can be seen by the general public, the day will come when you are going to get an offensive, hurtful, totally uncalled for blog. We all know people some people can be negative and rude when they aren’t face to face with you. Don’t let these comments get to you. First of all, step back from your computer. Take a deep breath, maybe two or three and do not reply with the first thing that comes to mind.

How to Write Dialects, Accents and Slang

A lot of people think that accents, dialect and slang need to be a part of their story especially if their story takes place in a section of the country or in another country where the way people talk is different from the way you, as a writer, normally think and talk. In some cases these is admissible, but never feel you must use an accent, dialect or slang to get your story conveyed.